Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beautiful day in MN

Today has been a beautiful day in MN! Spring is definitely just around the corner and all the snow will soon be gone. Great time to look into what new lawn decor I want to incorporate into my garden. I'm excited to get some wind spinners to put near my mailbox maybe or right in front of my bay window.  My returning hummingbirds probably could use another hummingbird feeder too!  My baby is due at the end of the month and couldn't be more excited.  God bless everybody and have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Give Your Tree a Makeover

Trees are very unique in and of themselves.  There are not two trees in the world that are the same.  Each tree has its own personality just like we humans do.  With personality comes character and what a more unique and fun way to express ourselves through lawn decor and using trees to do that?  Some great choices of lawn decor include garden planters, tree decor, wind chimes and wind spinnersGarden planters can add color and versatility, while wind spinners, wind chimes and tree decor can provide a more pleasant and entertaining environment. 

Wind spinners are one great piece of lawn decor that can add uniqueness to your tree or outdoor space.  By hanging wind spinners in your tree or near your tree you can enjoy the wonderful twirling just the slightest breeze can produce.  There are different variations of wind spinners that include solar light wind spinners, dog breed wind spinners, themed wind spinners and many other great shapes, sizes and colors of wind spinners.  You will be sure to find a wind spinner that will match your lawn decor theme.  Another great way to decorate a tree is with wind chimes.  If you are looking to create a pleasant surrounding area in your lawn or garden, wind chimes will surely be able to do that.  Wind chimes are also a great piece of lawn decor that come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and sounds.  So find a great selection of wind chimes to choose from and select the one(s) that match your personality or vibe you are trying to create.  You can’t go wrong with wind chimes.  Make sure to place wind spinners and wind chimes on a secure branch that will not easily break.

Although wind spinners and wind chimes can not be hung easily onto the trunk of a tree there is no reason to ignore this potential part of the tree.  The trunk may also be decorated using cute tree decor that you can nail right to the tree.  These unique tree decor may come in pieces, for example, the face of a monkey on one side of the tree and the tail directly on the other side of the tree.  These are cute and fun ways to strike up a conversation or entertain kids or even neighbors passing by.  Garden planters can be used to decorate the base around the tree.  You may do this by doing some light landscaping around the tree first with some mulch or rock and then adding garden planters in different spots.  Garden planters are a great way to add color to any area.  Flowers and plants are the most popularly used in garden planters and can make a dull space come alive.  By using garden planters you can move them from one place to another.  Just like wind chimes and wind spinners, there are many different kinds, shapes, sizes and colors of garden planters so look for the right one that takes to your liking. 

Whatever pieces of lawn decor you decide to go with, your tree will definitely come alive again and not be such an eye-sore.  Wind spinners are a beautiful piece of art that anybody will enjoy and allows you to be able to dial in on the theme of your lawn decor very easily.  Wind chimes can provide a sort of peaceful environment anybody will appreciate and like wind spinners can easily be matched to your lawn decor.  Tree decor bring laughter and entertainment into the yard.  And garden planters bring color and assortment into a space.  Whether you implement wind spinners and/or wind chimes and/or garden planters and/or tree decor you will enjoy all!