Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Follow us on Twitter!  On Twitter you will find other followers that you may be interested in following.  The more people staying connected the more creative ideas we can come up with for use of lawn ornaments in your yard. Stainless steel wind spinners, beautiful garden statues, garden gnomes, stepping stones, graceful and peaceful wind chimes and more! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Up Any Boring Space with Wind Spinners

3" Cross Only $7
 If you have a boring garden or landscape in your yard, add some color with a few wind spinners.  You can do a patriotic theme in one area and a cross theme in another.  If you own any dogs you can do a dog theme or, in remembrance of a beloved pet dog, you could get the representative dog breed wind spinner to hang above their burial site.  When given a tight space to work with outdoors, you may decide that smaller wind spinners may work best.  Some come as small as 3-4 inches.  Others come in 8”, 10”, 12” and 16” in length. Click here to see all of our wind spinners in these smaller sizes.
12" Bichon Frese Only $30

Wind Spinner Lawn Ornaments

16" Solar Lighthouse Only $36

Lawn ornaments can be many things and can go almost anywhere in your yard.  But what other lawn ornaments can be hung from almost anywhere high or low that also catches the eye of any passerby?  Wind spinners catch the sun’s rays and Mother Nature’s breeze for a delightfully soothing display.  Imagine a solar light wind spinner hanging on a hook stand above an ornamental pond or a gazing ball wind spinner displayed under your mailbox for all to see.  Wind spinners are also a beautiful scene hanging from an old tree branch or in a porch bracket.  Any entrance to a garden would welcome a glistening wind spinner as well as the entrance to the sidewalk that leads you to your front door.  Location is limitless when it comes to wind spinners as lawn ornaments.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Bird Feeders All Year Long

Some birds will stick around for the winter, therefore, it's never a bad time to buy a wild bird feeder!  Check out our Wild Bird Feeders and find one that you can use in your backyard or take a look at the recommended items at the bottom of each wild bird feeder product page to help you find the right wild bird feeder.
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Bird Bath - Find one you like with our new Recommendations feature

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Use our new Recommendations feature to help you find the perfect bird bath and/or accessories to accompany it.  Providing a bird bath for all your feathered friends throughout the entire year helps establish a relationship with returning birds.  

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 Mushroom Castle Only $21.95

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A new "Recommendations" feature has been added to each of our product pages to make your online shopping experience even easier and more enjoyable!  Check out our selection of bird houses to see what else may go good with it or another recommended bird house based on your pick.  It's never too late to buy a bird house so don't let the fall colors and cool air scare  you away!