Thursday, August 26, 2010

Restored Old Solar Lights

My grandpa is moving out of his house and I was helping him get rid of some things (by taking them to my house...not really getting rid of) and I saw these solar lights kind of dismantled along the landscaping that has not been tended to for quite some time.  So I asked if I could take his solar lights and see if I can clean them up and getting 'em looking new again!  I didn't expect them to work still, mostly because they just 'looked' like they have seen their days.  I brought them home, washed them up real good and was able to put most of them back together.  I placed them along our sidewalk and vwalla...not only do they look bran new but all of them work!  What a great feeling to take something that looks broken and fix it up at no cost at all!  Now we have a beautiful lit up sidewalk to enjoy when we come home at night or sit on our patio!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gold Rush Weekend Pictures

As I mentioned before, this past weekend was the first Gold Rush event I set up a stand.  We displayed mostly our wind spinners and a few items from our lawn and garden website  We were not sure what to expect but did have some success.  We drew a winner for a 12" Blue Eagle Head Wind Spinner and got rid of all our business cards.  I hope to see more people join the group and find OutdoorMama to be the place they can shop in the very near future!  Along with the wind spinners we had a lot of frog decor, garden statues, a bird bath, bird feeder, stepping stones and more!  

As you can see in the background of the pictures the type of things people were after at Gold Rush are antiques.  It's one of the biggest antique show around this area.  We love looking at all the antiques and hope that one day we will have a bigger house so we can start collecting antique furniture.