Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lawn Ornaments That Beautify Your Porch: PART ONE

16" Solar Light Lighthouse
$36.00 on SALE

Solar Hummingbird Chime
Only $24.95
Starting with your eye level or above, lawn ornaments such as wind spinners and wind chimes offer a great welcoming feel to any outdoor and indoor space.  These kinds of lawn ornaments entertain while adding a pleasant sound or view to look at.  They are a great conversation starter and look beautiful wherever they are.  Wind chime lawn ornaments come in all different kinds and sizes.  You can even make great centerpieces for your table using lawn ornaments.  Some good suggestions for where to place your wind chimes would be near a doorway.  Wind spinner lawn ornaments are usually seen hanging from a hook stand in your yard.  However, there are ways you can hang these beautiful lawn ornaments from the ceiling of your porch for display.  A corner spot is usually the best for wind spinners so they catch as much of the breeze that comes in from the windows as possible.  Make sure your wind spinners are fanned out properly to get the most spinning action.