Thursday, August 5, 2010

Easy Make-Your-Own Wind Spinner Project

I was just browsing Youtube for some fun crafty ideas for a toddler and came upon this wind spinner project.  This wind spinner project is so easy anybody can do it.  The video clipping is very straight-forward and not long at all.  Keep the kids busy for hours and you'll have a lawn or garden full of home-made, kid-crafted wind spinners! These may not weather as well outdoors as the Wind Spinners you'll find at but at least the kids will be happy and busy and c'mon...what parent or grandparent wouldn't be proud to display the kids' beautiful wind spinners they made with their own hands, right?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Selected Bird Houses On Sale!

Bird houses can be a fun and functional addition to any backyard.  There are decorative bird houses that are also purposeful to wild life.  When shopping for a bird house make sure you find a good place for it first.  Try and separate any bird houses away from each other and other bird feeders.  If you invest in a couple bird houses for your backyard you should start to see wild birds move right in.  Enjoy the ever-growing hobby of bird watching as your wild life population grows right before your eyes with bird houses.