Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NEW Dog Wind Spinners Available

We have just added more inventory to our Dog Wind Spinners!  Find your dog wind spinner today or make it as a gift for someone.  All of the dog wind spinners come in black or copper colors and are 12 inches in diameter.  If you own multiple breeds of dogs and want one for each breed, you are in luck!  We are offering free shipping on all orders of $75 or more.  Shop our dog wind spinners today and save.

NEW Wind Chimes - J.W. Stannard

Check out our new inventory of Wind Chimes, featuring J.W. Stannard wind chimes! J.W. Stannard wind chimes are high quality and hand made.  These wind chimes represent what we like to refer to as calming sounds of music to help relieve everyday stresses.  Buy a J.W. Stannard wind chime today and experience a calming relaxation feeling in  your own yard.  Along with J.W. Stannard wind chimes we have an abundant lot of decorative NEW wind chimes available that are just waiting to fill your outdoor space with some beautiful sound.