Friday, January 29, 2010

Benefits Bird Feeders & Bird Houses Provide for Everybody

If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to decorate your lawn and garden, consider using bird feeders and bird houses. They provide a number of benefits for not only you but your avian friends as well. They are two of the most popular interactive lawn ornaments you can include in your lawn & garden. Bird feeders provide food while bird houses provide shelter for our avian friends. Enjoy the entertainment that will bloom in your yard when using bird feeders and bird houses. Also, learn how bird feeders can have a positive impact on our environment.

Providing the finest birdie homes will change the way you look at a bird house. Not only do they provide our feathered friends with a home but they also provide you with an adorable way to decorate your lawn & garden. In order to keep these wonderful species returning to your lawn & garden consider providing them with an assortment of bird houses in different sizes and colors. Different kinds of birds may prefer different kinds of bird houses. Another benefit to having different sizes and colors of bird houses is the variety it adds to your outdoors.

Bird feeders and bird baths are another great way to invite your avian friends in for dinner and a drink (or bath, if you will). There are tons of different kinds of bird feeders to choose from. You will need to buy or provide the right kind of bird food for different birds you want to attract. For example, if you want to draw in hummingbirds, they like sweet sugary water in a specially-made hummingbird feeder verses bird seed. You can make your own simple recipe of nectar from home that works just as well as any in the store. What you’ll need is: 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boil the water, add sugar and stir, let cool before adding to feeder to avoid any melting of plastic or burning hummingbirds little mouths. Hummingbirds are just one type of bird that will change your lawn & garden for the better. Just think of all the other birds you can attract by providing a variety of bird feeders and even bird baths.

And last but certainly not least, here is something to ponder. As we provide bird feeders to our avian friends, more baby birds will have a better chance of surviving. This means that more birds will be around to eat insects that we most commonly try to rid of in our outdoor space using chemical-based insect repellants. The fewer chemicals we have in our environment, the healthier it will be for all of us living on this earth. What a great impact bird feeders can have on our environment.

As mentioned above, the benefits of incorporating bird houses and bird feeders in your lawn & garden are favorable for both birds and humans. What bird does not like a place made for them to comfortably eat, drink, sleep and bath? Your outdoor space can provide just that. As for us humans we get to sit back, relax and enjoy bird watching in our own yards. The entertainment birds can provide will make a great outdoor living space for you & your guests. As for the earth we all share, our environment can benefit greatly from the use of bird feeders in our outdoor space!

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