Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Gifts – Wind Spinners, Lawn Ornaments & Bird Feeders

It can be difficult trying to come up with new birthday gift ideas year after year.  You can always go the collection route “what do they collect?” or the new trend for that year, like those never-ending charm bracelets.  But those only go so far.  Why not try wind spinners, lawn ornaments or bird feeders!  These everlasting gifts can go a long way in anybody’s backyard.

Wind Spinners are a great birthday gift for anybody.  There are solar light wind spinners, gazing ball wind spinners, themed wind spinners, small, medium and large wind spinners, different shaped wind spinners, dog wind spinners, you name it and you’ll find it.  If the person you are shopping for loves hummingbirds, cardinals, butterflies or anything with wings really, you have an abundant selection of beautiful wind spinners to choose from.  Solar light wind spinners light up any dark patio, deck or backyard setting.  Not only do they light up but they spin in the slightest breeze to provide an even more enjoyable experience.  Solar light wind spinners are especially a great gift for a friend or family member in a nursing home as it provides something beautiful and entertaining to watch out their window.  You can even get wind spinners as small as 3-4” in diameter to hang in the window, rear-view mirror or as a Christmas tree ornament.

When you think of lawn ornaments you probably think of pink flamingo garden stakes or hideous views of a lady bent over in her garden.  Although these are popular garden ornaments, there are still so much more out there to choose from.  Lawn ornaments can be anything from wind spinners, wind chimes, garden statues, garden stepping stones, garden stakes, garden gnomes, lanterns, solar light décor, flower pots and planters, and more.  Whatever your fancy, what makes great lawn ornaments is something you love and tying it together with other lawn ornaments in your backyard setting.  You could help start or add to somebody’s backyard a beautiful collection of lawn ornaments as a birthday gift year after year.  The possibilities here are endless.

If you are shopping for a bird lover or someone who is not into all the cutsie, gaudy lawn ornament décor, bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths may be the perfect solution.  Bird feeders provide so much more than just food for birds.  They invite wildlife into your backyard and if maintained consistently and properly they will keep them coming back year after year.    Complimenting the bird feeders with bird houses and bird baths only will increase wildlife traffic.  What a rewarding feeling!  This has got to be one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts because it not only benefits the birds and the person you are buying for but also benefits the circle of life.  If you are stuck on deciding what bird feeder to buy, hummingbird feeders are an easy and rewarding one to start with.  Tube bird feeders, platform bird feeders and suet bird feeders are other popular ones to buy.  To compliment these feeders buy a package of bird seed or nectar to get them started.  For hummingbird feeders provide an easy home-made nectar recipe (1 part sugar to 4 parts water: boil water, add sugar to dissolve, cool and pour).  Each year after, you can continue with bird food or another bird feeder, bird house or bird bath idea.

Wind spinners, lawn ornaments and bird feeders provide endless and timeless gift ideas for birthdays and/or other gift-related holidays.  If you are still not sure, try some of these gift ideas for yourself first and I guarantee you will enjoy them and want to add more.  These easy birthday gift ideas will be the hottest items for years to come as more and more wind spinners, lawn ornaments and bird feeders are added to any outdoor space.  

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