Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wind Spinner Lawn Ornaments

16" Solar Lighthouse Only $36

Lawn ornaments can be many things and can go almost anywhere in your yard.  But what other lawn ornaments can be hung from almost anywhere high or low that also catches the eye of any passerby?  Wind spinners catch the sun’s rays and Mother Nature’s breeze for a delightfully soothing display.  Imagine a solar light wind spinner hanging on a hook stand above an ornamental pond or a gazing ball wind spinner displayed under your mailbox for all to see.  Wind spinners are also a beautiful scene hanging from an old tree branch or in a porch bracket.  Any entrance to a garden would welcome a glistening wind spinner as well as the entrance to the sidewalk that leads you to your front door.  Location is limitless when it comes to wind spinners as lawn ornaments.

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