Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turn Simple Garden Decor Into Indoor Holiday Decorations

3", 4" & 8" Wind Spinners

There are lots of ways to decorate your indoors for the holidays.  Have you considered bringing in some garden decor?  These small wind spinners are perfect indoor garden decor for the holidays.  These wind spinners come in sizes as small as 3", 4" and 8 inches.  Not only are they the perfect garden decor for indoors, but they make even better small gifts for your co-workers holiday party, you Godmother/Godfather, Grandma/Grandpa, etc.  They can be used as Christmas tree ornaments or hung in the kitchen window above your sink.  Wherever you decide to put them these cutsie wind spinners will bring in the outdoors all winter long!

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  1. If in our home we are having the garden then we can easily transform that garden into indoor garden and many different designs are available for that.