Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now that spring is here...

Now that spring is here it wouldn't hurt to start planning for your outdoor projects.   So ask yourself, what projects do I want to accomplish this spring?  Or what kind of changes do I want to make in my outdoor space?  There are literally endless possibilities to change or add to your outdoor space.  Using lawn ornaments is a great way
to do this being that they are simple, low-maintenance and do not need to put a hole in your wallet.  Do you want lawn ornaments that incorporate color?  Garden planters area  great way to add color.  You can buy the most colorful types of flowers and put them in neutral colors of garden planters or vice versa; you can buy colorful and fun garden planters for simple plants or one color flowers.  Stepping stones are another great way to incorporate lawn ornaments and very simple to do as well.  Place stepping stones in a path from your back door to your garage door or garden.  There are tons of different kinds of stepping stones to choose from.  Wind spinners are also great pieces of lawn ornaments that can be hung from tree branches, your deck ledge, porch ceiling, or just a simple hook stand.  Check out our Stainless Steel wind spinners, that are free from rusting for life, for the perfect one that matches your personality. There are lots of different colors, shapes, sizes and themes of wind spinners to choose from so you won't have a problem finding one.
These are just a few ideas to help get you brainstorming some cool and colorful ways to deck out your outdoor space this spring!

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