Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Use Beautiful Lawn Ornaments to Create Curb Appeal

Are you looking for ways to improve your curb appeal?  Whether or not you are in the market to sell your house or you just want to up your neighbor’s yard, I have the solution for you.  Some people think it is just too much work or too much money to do but this couldn’t be further from the truth!  There are lots of fun, easy and affordable ways to dress up your yard using lawn ornaments.  Lawn ornaments can come in forms of almost anything so use your imagination.

One easy way to start out with is using stepping stones.  Stepping stones in your lawn and garden can serve two good purposes.  For one, they take up space.  For example, if your grass is not doing so well, distract attention from it by placing stepping stones on top of the grass as a path or to create a design.  Another purpose stepping stones serve is a walkway to and from.  When it rains out, chances are the grass or mud will get your feet wet and dirty and then you have to drag that in the house with you.  By using stepping stones you can avoid stepping in the mud on rainy days.  Stepping stones also can provide an assortment of colors or one bold color of your choosing.  Consider using stepping stones if you have if you have a bad lawn to begin with. 

Another great way to add to your curb appeal is to add color.  You can do this in many ways but one good way that is so easy and versatile is using garden planters.  You can find an assortment of garden planters that come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Choose garden planters that are easy to move so that you can move them during the day if they need more sun or less sun.  Choose a variety of colorful flowers or plants to place in your garden planters.  Or choose a variety of different color garden planters if you want to stick with one or two kinds of plants.  This is why garden planters are so versatile.  They can be moved anywhere and switched out any time to go with your color scheme.  Garden planters are definitely an easy way to go when wanting to add some different colors or take away different colors. 

Wind spinners are another great way to decorate your yard and enhance curb appeal.  If you are unfamiliar with wind spinners, they are made of steel, are 3d, come in a variety of different colors and designs and turn in the wind or the slightest breeze.  You can hang wind spinners from tree branches, hooks, porches, decks, ceilings, you name it.  They usually come with a swivel to attach the wind spinner to the hanging string.  Wind spinners are beautiful and usually catch the attention of anybody passing by.  So using them to enhance curb appeal is a great way to invite buyers to look at your house.  You can get wind spinners in almost any theme, color and size.  Browse around for the best wind spinners out there that have a life-time rust-proof guarantee!  These wind spinners will stand the test of time.

There are tons of other lawn ornaments that can be used to increase curb appeal but these three ideas should give you a head start.  Garden stepping stones can do wonders to your lawn.  Remember to look for garden stepping stones that appeal to your desired theme or color scheme.  Garden planters, once again, are very versatile and provide easy ways to add color.  At eye level use wind spinners to catch the attention of any passerby.  Wind spinners are great for any area inside or out.  Starting from the ground up you can create a curb appeal for very little money and the best part is that you can take most if not all the lawn ornaments with you after you use them to sell your home.  

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