Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Shop for Lawn Ornaments

It can be very overwhelming when shopping for lawn ornaments.  What do you buy and where are you going to put it?  First, before you leave your house, know of or look for a spot in your lawn and garden that is bare and in dyer need of some ornamental decoration.  What kinds of things surround the area?  Trees, pond, a deck, patio, fireplace, rocks, grass, etc.  This will help you determine what kind of lawn ornaments you are going to want to look for.  Lawn ornaments come in many forms so there is always something for every bare spot.  The most popular forms of lawn ornaments are garden statues or gnomes.  These are popular because they can go pretty much anywhere you set them and fit right in.  Stepping stones are another form of lawn ornaments that make for a great decorative path from A to B in your lawn and garden.  Other forms of lawn ornaments that people may not consider are things that can be hung from something, like a tree branch, hook stands, brackets, etc.  These lawn ornaments I am speaking of can be wind chimes, wind spinners, bird houses and bird feeders.  What a more wonderful way to decorate your outdoor space while also engaging in wild life  with bird feeders and bird houses.  Certainly wildlife in your backyard is entertaining!


  1. I am planning to buy a wind spinner for my patio this week. Can you kindly suggest me what is the most relaxing color should I buy? Thanks..

  2. Some people find blues to be really relaxing. I like green colors personally!