Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wind Chimes - Beautiful Sounds That Bring Back Pleasant Memories

When I hear the sound of wind chimes I think of a pleasant, carefree, once upon a day, long ago.  My great grandmother, Olive, comes to mind and the small town she lived in with her daughter, my grandma, for so many years of my life.  The pleasant and peaceful sound of wind chimes were always in the background when at grandma's house.

The best thing about wind chimes is that they create a sound like no other.  A sound that has the capability of forcing you to relax even if  your mind is telling you 'you better get up and do those dishes' or 'get the clothes off the line before the rain moves in'.  An inner voice that I am far too often familiar with these days.  Wind chimes are very therapeutic for me because of this inner voice and all the joys and adventures being a  young mom can bring into life.  If you can't get away from everyday life to relax, embrace the therapeutic sounds of wind chimes right in your own home.  Wind chimes can be used both indoors and out.  I've seen some people have wind chimes right in there office at work.  Anywhere close to a window and the slightest breeze is all you need to enjoy the sounds of wind chimes right at work.  How convenient is that?  Wind chimes make great gifts this way as well.
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  1. Really cool designs on wind chimes. I have two wind chimes hanging at the front and back door but I'm thinking of adding a wind spinner in our patio.