Monday, August 16, 2010

Bird Feeder Tips


If you are in the market for a Wile Bird Feeder these tips may be useful:

1. Decide what kind of wild bird(s) you want to visit your backyard.
2. What type of bird feeder will attract those wild birds?
3. Not all birds are able to eat from all bird feeders.
4. Most wild birds have a style of feeding and food preference.
5. Take size into consideration.  How often will you have to refill the bird feeder?
6. Climate will sometimes dictate which type of bird feeder is appropriate.
7. Maintenance and cleaning.  Is it easy or difficult to clean?
8. Aesthetics are sometimes important for people.
9. Pests of all shapes and sizes will undeniably play a part in the selection.
10. Viewing area.  Do you want to bird watch right outside your window or in your backyard?
11. The total number of bird feeders you want to have and take care of.
12. The price of the feeder and the seed that needs to go in it.
13. And most importantly, quality.  You want a bird feeder that will last AND do what it's supposed to!