Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Bird Feeder and Wind Spinner Stands Are In!

We have new Wind Spinner and Bird Feeder hook stands available!

Gardman Deluxe Feeding Station Kit

Droll Yankees Shepherd's Envy Pole

Erva Double Arm Adjustable Shepherd Staff Pole

Any one of these hook stands would make perfect hosts for all the bird feeders and wind spinners you want to hang or display.  If you display your wind spinners from a hook stand that is placed where it can catch the breeze you will be enjoying the glistening beauty they illuminate!  Hook stands are great to hang bird feeders and some bird houses from because you can place them where squirrels can't get access to them and sometimes you can adjust the height of the hook stands.  

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  1. good day ! this was impressive wind spinner. perfect for my garden . i really love this .