Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OutdoorMama's Cardinal Theme Suggestion for Your Backyard!

A popular theme in a lot of backyards is a very popular red bird, the cardinal.  This avian friend of ours has inherited popularity, especially in the winter as northern cardinals do not migrate.  These birds are surely a site to see with a beautiful back-drop of a fresh blanket of snow.
Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal
There are cardinal themed wind spinners and bird feeders to help you accomplish the cardinal theme you want in your backyard.  The best decoration for a cardinal themed backyard is the great northern cardinal itself.  

NO/NO Red Cardinal Feeder
Was $33.95
Now Only $28.95
12" Solar Light Cardinals
Was $42.00
Now Only $36.00
Country Cardinal Bird Feeder
Only $9.95!

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