Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 Lawn Ornaments You Must Have & Why PART ONE: Bird Feeders

When I was younger and heard the term lawn ornaments I would think of pink flamingos and huge statues in the middle of a flower bed or garden. Although these are still popular lawn d├ęcor across America’s lawns, lawn ornaments have actually come a long way and consist of a variety of items today. I will discuss three particular kinds of lawn ornaments, bird feeders, wind spinners, and garden statues, and the purpose each has in your lawn.

Supplying bird feeders in your backyard provides access to one of the most popular outdoor hobbies in America, bird watching. Bird feeders are a great way to interact with wild life. The longer you establish bird feeders in your backyard, the more birds will come and go and come back again the next migrating season. Bird feeders provide food for wild birds; which may be especially helpful when food is scarce or right before migrating season or just a plane energy boost they can rely on. The purpose of bird feeders is not only to feed birds but they can also decorate your backyard. Some feeders are designed with the purpose of just feeding but other bird feeders are designed to provide food and decorate your outdoors. Feeders can be posted, mounted and hung so it’s easy to find a place for one or two.
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