Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Lawn Ornaments You Must Have & Why PART TWO: Wind Spinners (of course)

Wind spinners can have a lot of purposes in your backyard.  Because they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, they are fun to pick out and decide where you want to hang them.  Wind spinners can be hung from tree branches, from hook stands in the middle of the yard or along the outside of the house, porch brackets, from the ceiling of the porch, decks, gardens, and many more places.  You can buy solar light wind spinners, gazing ball wind spinners and themed wind spinners.  Solar light spinners are wonderful because they decorate and light up an area.  So you can enjoy them both day and night!  Gazing ball spinners are a popular wind spinner as you will find a lot of gazing balls in the middle of flower gardens and such.  If you have a smaller area to work that adding a large gazing would just overcrowd it, a gazing ball wind spinner might be just right for you.  Themed wind spinners are long spinners (about 16” in length) that provide three different pictures of one theme.  For example, for a USA theme you might see an eagle head at the top, the American flag in the center and the letters USA at the bottom. These make great gifts for those who have a garden theme in which one of these themed wind spinners carry.  

Wind Spinners for only $30.00:

12" Solar Light Dolphins Wind Spinner $36.00
Gazing Ball Set Yellow/Zinc $35.00
Cardinals Theme Wind Spinner $32.00

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